Rosalía  –  Rosalía MELO

Alemán  –  Alejandro CASTRO

Calvita  –  Carlos M. MATOS

David  –  Francisco Javier SAFÍS

Bemba  –  Melvin SABINO

Chiquitín –  Luis PAREDES

Yudith  –  Yudith AMADOR SIERRA

Cherlonchán  –  Manuel PERILIS SANTOS

Abel  –  Abel Johann GONZÁLEZ

Lissete  –  Lissete Amelia DÍAZ OVALLE

Ricardo  –  Ricardo SAVIÑÓN SCHRILS



Written and directed by  –  Natalia CABRAL and Oriol ESTRADA

Cinematographer  –  Oriol ESTRADA

Sound  –  Natalia CABRAL

Editors and Producers  –  Natalia CABRAL and Oriol ESTRADA

Sound Design  –  Yisel PUPO CALLES

Sound Mix  –  Jordi MONRÓS

Color Grading  –  Israel CÁRDENAS

Graphic Design  –  Oriol ESTRADA, Yin-Lai TRINIDAD NG

In Colaboration With  –  Israel CÁRDENAS and Laura Amelia GUZMÁN




Natalia & Uri

Natalia Cabral (Dominican Republic) and Oriol Estrada (Catalonia, Spain) met in Cuba while studying film at the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV). After graduation, they founded the production company Faula Films in Dominican Republic.

In 2014, they directed and produced “You and Me”, their first feature-length documentary, Official Selection at Visions du Réel, Festival de Cinema Nyon, winner of the Best Documentary Feature Award at Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias, Exhibition CINEARTE Award at  Márgenes Festival, Best Documentary at RDoc Festival, Special Mention for Cinematography at Cine Las Americas Texas and Candidate for Dominican Republic at the Platino Awards.

“Site of Sites” Official Selection at IDFA, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, is their second documentary feature. Currently, they’re developing their first fiction feature film “Miriam Lies” winner of the Dominican Production Film Fund FONPROCINE and the IBERMEDIA Coproduction Fund Program.


Natalia Cabral

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Director, screenwriter and producer graduate of the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV – Cuba) with a Major Study in Documentary Film at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Germany and a Master’s Degree in Literary Creation at the Pompeu Fabra Univesity in Spain.

In 2012, she founds the Dominican production company Faula Films with her husband Oriol Estrada. In 2014, they direct and produce together the documentary film “You and Me” winner of several awards and recognitions.

“Site of Sites”, World Premiere at IDFA, is their second feature documentary.


Oriol Estrada

Capellades, Catalonia, Spain

From an early age, he studies fine arts and when he finishes high school, he moves to Barcelona to study audiovisuals. Later, he studies film direction at the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños. In the school, he writes and directs the short film “Lejos” screened at several international film festivals, like the Clermont-Ferrand in France, Curtocircuito Festival in Spain and the Filmfest Dresden in Germany.

Back in Barcelona, he works in various film shootings and studies photography color grading and sound postproduction. Next, he moves to Santo Domingo and directs his first film “You and Me” with Natalia Cabral, film which allows them to debut, but also to recognize a modest and inspiring possibility for the creation and production of cinema.






Faula Films



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